DISC enables you to be able to understand people in minutes rather than months. Some of us are people focused, whilst others are task focused; some of us outgoing, whilst others more reserved; some of us prefer a summary of big broad brush strokes, whilst others need the detail explained; some of us think before we act and others act first and think about it afterwards.

DISC allows the coach to be able to tailor sessions in the clients preferred communication style, focusing on their key areas of interest, in a way that plays to their strengths but also highlights areas for development and how they can be improved or adapted.

Knowing who you are and how you might respond in situation means you can consciously modify your approach to get the outcome you're looking for.

Personality Profiling (DISC) / psychometric testing / psychological profiling, are a means of measuring an individual’s preferences in a particular situation. It is designed to gather information on an individual or teams general attitude, temperament, communication style and decision-making methods. It is not a measure of intelligence or ability but of behaviour.

As an accredited DISC® Profiler I can deliver this easy to understand and accurate personal assessment tool to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication.

What does DISC measure?


  • Dominance - How a person solves problems and responds to challenges

  • Influence - How a person attempts to influence or persuade others

  • Steadiness - The pace at which a person responds to change

  • Compliance - How a person responds to rules and regulations

Why is Personality Profiling important?

Your DISC profile will give you an understanding of how you prefer to be communicated with as well as how you communicate with others, which will highlight areas you might like to develop to connect with people on a deeper level. It is the ultimate self-awareness tool that provides individuals with a detailed analysis of their personal behavioural style, providing a valuable and practical guide to make appropriate behaviour modifications within any environment or personal interaction.


Understanding your DISC preferences gives you the knowledge to enable you to communicate with yourself and others effectively and achieve new heights of personal and professional success.

It also assists with:

  • Efficient recruitment and employee engagement

  • Conflict resolution

  • Identifying areas of stress and how it can be managed

  • Smooth friction-less feedback delivery

  • Career goal setting and personal growth

  • Positive and productive team building and cohesion


£199 +VAT 

Includes profile & 50 min break down


United Kingdom

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