My approach


I am purely a sounding board with no judgement or agenda – Your sessions are all about you.

I’ll raise your awareness of the things you say and more importantly HOW you say them – our language and body subconsciously gives away more than we know. Yes we’ll be aiming to help you achieve what you set out to, but be aware that the things you want and the person you think you are now may not be the same person that shows up to session 2, 3 or 4. 



"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals." Jimmy Dean

With each session, you will have a greater understanding of the way you think, what you REALLY think rather than thinking what everyone else does, what you REALLY want, increased confidence from getting a little more in touch with who you are and what you’re capable of as well as a sense of focus and clarity. 

Coaching with me is a mix of logically breaking down the reality of whats happening, stripping away fact from fiction, practical exercises as well as working on beliefs and alignment using coaching techniques and NLP.

I'll work with you by raising your awareness, helping you improve the quality of the questions you ask yourself and develop an authentic and resourceful mindset.


This is KEY to living a fulfilling life that can thrive no matter what obstacles you come across.

Am i right for you?

Because the aim of coaching is to help the client uncover their true potential, a coach’s role is to inject as little of their “stuff” into the session as possible but rather to ask powerful incisive questions and to be a sounding board and reflect everything back. 

This means that I pay attention to subtle changes in you from moment to moment and adjust my style to whatever you need me to be, to get the most out of you. If you start off the session a bit low, I'll help you tap into some form of excitement or energy. If you genuinely need to vent in order to move on, I'll listen attentively. If you say one thing but do or say another, I’ll raise your awareness and challenge it to help you be more aligned with yourself. Always reflecting back with pure observations, never statements of opinion, so there is very little possibility we won’t make a great team.

"Failure is success in progress." Albert Einstein

are you ready for coaching?

There is no scenario in which working together won’t give you everything you want, providing you are 100% committed and learn what each experience has to teach you along the way (with my help), and use that knowledge to continually keep changing your approach. 


“There is no failure, only feedback”


Viewing each experience as a way of improving your approach/technique by asking yourself "what can I learn" rather than being only attached and concerned with results. You need to be ready to:

  • Take action and responsibility for your life

  • Step out of your comfort zone

  • Stop making excuses

  • Learn from mistakes and experiences

  • Work with your coach as an equal - Not a victim

  • Believe there is always a solution and its just a matter of shifting perspective

  • Be prepared to invest in yourself

  • Be completely transparent and forthcoming

in case you want to know a little about me

  1. Grew up in Sydney, Australia

  2. Been living abroad and travelling from 2016-2019 

  3. If I wasn’t a coach I'd probably be the world's most inflexible travelling yoga instructor

  4. My wife has more cat stuff than anyone you’ve ever met

  5. Eldest of 3 boys all over 6 foot/180cm - poor mum is only 5 foot/150cm

  6. Dreaded turning 30... Until it happened!

  7. Travelled to 60 cities in 30 countries

  8. Can be a bit of a goof ball but manage to keep it under control... most of the time

  9. Love to learn new things and stay curious

  10. Try and find the positive intention in everything - Even when SWR goes on strike... again 

  11. Meditate for 20 minutes twice per day

  12. Take a cold shower every day

  13. Always looking for new places to explore

Qualifications and experience

11 years in in the corporate sector taught me a lot about people, how they communicate, where it breaks down, what motivates them (and doesn’t), how to best work with people to bring out their potential and how important it is to find passion in whatever you’re doing.


I have a huge passion for working with people to uncover the gifts they have to offer the world, find their purpose and create stability and confidence in their lives. I feel very fortunate to have a career doing something I believe in, that I enjoy immensely and adds value. 

Life is the ultimate teacher - every day you learn and grow as long as you pay attention, stay curious and always asking yourself how can you be who you were meant to be, do anything you can imagine and have a better life.

  • Qualified Coach with the Coaching Academy

  • ICF member

  • Accredited DISC Profiler

  • Confidence Coach CPD Trained

  • NLP Practitioner 

  • ANLP member

  • Fully insured


United Kingdom

​Tel: (+44) 0749 178 3540


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