"During our sessions together, we have focused mainly on my desire to move to the countryside and my journey to completing the two diplomas I am studying. Aaron has helped me to recognize the skills and strengths I have to make each a reality and also supported me during set-backs. I am now able to see these set-backs as positive events to learn from rather than negatives. We have also explored my relationships and career.


After each session, I have felt energized and empowered to take the next step towards achieving each goal and come away with clear short-term plans and corresponding actions for me to take. Often it has felt like I have too much I want to do and too many things I need to. Aaron’s calm and professional manner has helped me to see the wood from the trees! I now feel confident to continue on my own and use the tools I have come away with to further future goals.

Aaron is very easy to talk to and I have felt comfortable exploring sensitive topics with him such as, my relationships. I would highly recommend him and I will certainly be keeping in contact going forwards."

Donal Thorburn-Muirhead

"The conceptualisation of my mental state was that of a volatile storm, and if my thoughts were the eeriness of lightning crashing down on the waves, my soul was the trembling passenger on a broken raft. I was an unwilling participant to the external. Existing passively, my fate dictated by a force I did not understand. I projected my hopes onto the world and wished a state of survival as granted to me, for anything else seemed foolish in the cowardly parameters I was operating in. In the six coaching sessions we engaged in, Aaron Hayle functioned as the definitive lighthouse in the process that was the structuring of volatile and dangerous emotions into a seamless narrative I was the master of.


Aaron fantastically fulfilled his purpose in the coaching sessions: to serve as the light and not the anchor, for  through him I understood that only by constructing my own anchor for the ship could I develop. His intricate questioning allowed me to comprehend that my development and progression was not his responsibility, it was mine. This is paramount. This precise dynamic taught me what life-coaching is. Aaron’s respect of this notion has initiated my wondrous journey into

transforming into the true helmsman of my existence.


The definitive elements of Aaron’s coaching which contributed to the rapid efficiency in my self evolution is as follows: his meticulous seriousness in the process which substantially informs his frankness and ability to quickly identify the nuances of character and therefore successfully tailor the sessions to my personality as a means of enlightening me to the values and beliefs serving as the fuel and driving force for my productivity and hence my happiness. Due to these factors I am no longer an anxious victim to the chaos and uncertainty of life, I am able to confidently  thrive in situations conquered by tension and stress and have gained clarity of thought and focus by operating in the present instead of the past/future thus allowing my participation in concurrent events to be prophetic in the fulfillment of my destiny.

I have strong faith in Aaron to continue this process of guidance with many people to come and wish him true success in his future endeavours."


Klaiv Biba

"I have worked with Aaron for eight sessions now and always found Aaron to be a punctual, calm, easy to talk to and professional as a coach whose sessions I looked forward to and benefited from greatly.


From the beginning, we built trust and respectful relationship. Aaron helped me to acknowledge my strength that I didn’t know that I had. He challenged me with questions and empowered me as a person. The sessions with Aaron helped me to think positively and setting goals and achieving them in the short period of time. My biggest struggle was time management and Aaron made me realise and through challenging questions I discover the obstacles that were holding me back.

I have always felt listened to, valued and respected with Aaron and this has clearly resulted in issues being teased out which would otherwise have gone unnoticed. I would highly recommend him and will be keeping in contact in the future to help extend my progress.

Thank you for all your help and support."

Klarita Poshnjar

"Coaching sessions with Aaron have been spontaneous, effective and authentic. I have been able to generate resourceful ideas and action plans, that surprisingly, I have stayed committed to taking action upon and have delivered results or had not expected.


I was struggling to move forward with my business plan and felt overwhelmed with ideas of what to do 1st. Aaron asked me a few questions that created a clarity on how to best approach it. I took action,  and mapped out with sticky notes my whole business structure, including the small details that often pulled me into a space of anxiety and overwhelm.


This gave me a sense of relief and liberation, and was no longer stressed out with tons of ideas, other people opinions and no clear cut root on what I even wanted the business to look like or how could it be structured."

Camz Campbell

"The journey through my new career has been challenging for me in many ways due to the totally different nature of being a coach and running a coaching practice.

Aaron has been my coach through this journey and the impact has been amazing in helping me work through the new ways of thinking, working and being a coach for my clients.

Thinking: I have found the nature of coaching to be very different from my other work and with the patience and skill Aaron has shown in his coaching has enabled me to find my own way of coaching that works for me and my personality.

Working: Having gone from a very fluid working life, to an appointment system and time bound sessions, I found this quite challenging and over a few sessions with Aaron I found a system that worked for me for my coaching new coaching business and my other work.

Coaching: One of the biggest challenges for me coaching was the variety of clients that wished to be coached on topics that were not on the areas that I wanted to coach in. So much so that I found that I was not enjoying Coaching at one point. Over a number of sessions Aaron helped me discover for myself what was not working for me, for what reason and crucially who I wanted to coach and in what sector.

I feel that Aaron has enabled me to really challenge myself and I would not be where I am now without the support during my journey."

Andrew Hubberstey


United Kingdom

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